We collaborate locally and nationally with colleagues to study the delivery of time-critical emergency stroke care. Our work applies novel methodologies from network science and mathematical decision modeling.


Prehospital Triage of Patients with Suspected Stroke – We are developing a personalized decision tool for application at the point of care during prehospital evaluation that takes into account characteristics of the individual patient, their clinical presentation, the resources of nearby EDs that are potential transport destinations, and current traffic conditions. The model produces a personalized recommendation for the patient’s transport destination that will lead to the best outcome for the patient.

Network Science in Stroke Systems of Care – We are applying tools from network science to study stroke systems of care. This includes studying interhospital transfers of patients with stroke, studying how the stroke transfer network evolves in response to changes in the clinical evidence, and studying whether the stroke transfer network contributes to disparities in access to stroke expertise and stroke center care.

Telestroke – We are contributing to research examining telestroke in stroke systems of care and how telestroke contributes to the delivery of stroke care and outcomes of patients with stroke.

E-QUAL Stroke Initiative We work with colleagues at ACEP and Yale to lead this collaborative working to improve the quality of stroke care among EDs nationally.